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The opinion of your Pharmacologist

dr. Zorina Petrova


dr. Zorina Petrova, Pharmacologist

Menopause is a natural biological process in the development of the female body and is associated with a decrease in the functions of the female genitals, a change in hormonal status and preparation of the body to cease reproductive abilities. This period is associated with endocrine changes (decreased estrogen), mental changes (easy mood swings, prone to depression, insomnia, increased anxiety) and somatic changes (weight gain, palpitations, hot flashes, etc.). The usual period for menopause is about 50 years, but it can occur earlier as a result of medical interventions for another disease.

Here, as in any other period in the development of the female body, consultation with a specialist gynecologist is useful and necessary. In addition to receiving accurate and accurate information about your specific condition, your gynecologist will direct you to the most appropriate means to take to go through this period smoothly and imperceptibly.

The recommendations are most often in several directions:
– Lifestyle change – reduction of stress and tension; healthy eating and maintaining good physical activity.
– Drug therapy.
– Hormone replacement therapy is administered on the advice of a doctor and under medical supervision
Nutritional supplements – basically these products combine natural products that have a beneficial effect on the main symptoms.

What is included and in what combination is of great importance for the effectiveness of food supplements. Often these substances included in the complex have a synergistic effect and lead to very good results with regular use. Femibalance is a product that combines the most important and necessary substances and trace elements that can have a beneficial effect on the processes during menopause. Isoflavones are organic compounds that act like estrogens without being hormonal agents.

Femibalance contains soy isoflavones and isoflavones from Red Clover extract. They affect the autonomic reactions and help maintain the nervous system. Cimicifuga extract has a beneficial effect on general physical and mental condition, and Hops extract reduces anxiety, improves sleep and has a powerful antioxidant effect. Additionally, the complex contains Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), Biotin and folic acid. This vitamin complex regulates the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, hematopoiesis, psyche and immune system. Added Vitamin D contributes to the musculoskeletal system (which suffers from estrogen depletion) and contributes to good immune protection. The inclusion of fiber – inulin in the product is an additional care for a healthy digestive tract, and hence good digestion, metabolism and defenses. Femibalance is suitable for menopausal women, helps control unpleasant symptoms and is the right choice for a slow transition through this stage of life.