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The need for vitamins during the summer season

Витамини и минерали

During the summer season, the human body also needs certain vitamins and minerals. The warm months are exhausting due to the intense sun rays, humidity and intense heat. They also affect the condition of our skin. It is an amazing tissue that is very active in protecting the body from various external factors, bacteria and viruses.

Which vitamins are essential for our good tone and appearance

Vitamin A
The sun’s rays directly affect our skin. Vitamin A is important for its regeneration, protection against aging and damage. This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining good levels of collagen and elastin. The foods that contain it and through which we can get it naturally are:
Orange, melon, pumpkin, fresh onion, sweet potato, hot pepper, spinach, parsley, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, mango, avocado, grape, watermelon, peach, apricot, apple.
In animal foods it is present in fish, beef and liver.
The presence of Vitamin A in the body is also important for:

protection against viruses and bacteria,
strengthen nails, hair and skin
rapid wound healing
normal metabolism
the growth of new cells
Carotenoids – plant sources of vitamin A are essential for eye protection.
Vitamin A also has antioxidant effects. It has a beneficial effect on people with heart and arterial diseases and increases the content of good cholesterol in the blood.
The required daily doses of Vitamin A can also be obtained by taking nutritional supplements. The product Vitamin A, 60 capsules 5000 IU of AroLife, provides maximum daily amounts of vitamin A. The need for this fat-soluble vitamin increases during physical or mental stress, periods of illness, pregnancy and lactation.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E reduces inflammation in the body and protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and free radicals in the environment during the hot summer months. Its antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties are useful for a number of functions in the body.
Vitamin E is responsible for the production of collagen – the main building block for connective tissue, the condition of the skin, bones and joints and their strength, mobility and elasticity. This is the vitamin that helps the immune system in the event of seasonal allergies.
Vitamin E recharges the body with energy, strengthens physical endurance and heart function due to its active participation in the formation of red blood cells and maintaining the reserves of vitamin K, iron and selenium.
Foods rich in vitamin E include: almonds, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, tofu, avocados, broccoli, olives, spinach, pork, lamb and beef, oily fish, shrimp, sardines, pumpkin, dried apricots and more. Taking Vitamin E as a dietary supplement is also a good solution for getting it for the body. Vitamin E, 60 capsules of AroLife, provides the necessary daily amounts of fat-soluble vitamin. This is directly related to the good physical shape of the whole organism.
The combination of vitamins E and C is good as it protects the skin from sunburn.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is also important for maintaining healthy skin and complexion when it comes to sun exposure. It plays a protective role against direct contact with sunlight, helping collagen synthesis and reducing the risk of pigmentation. The natural method of procurement is pleasant because it involves the consumption of fresh citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, green vegetables, papaya, melon, pomegranate, red and green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pineapple, kiwi. Vitamin C has a tonic effect on the whole body and helps to adapt more easily to elevated temperatures. As ascorbic acid is soluble in water and is destroyed by heat treatment, it is best to eat fruits and vegetables raw. Five different servings a day can provide more than 200 mg of this vital vitamin.
Vitamin C can also be obtained as a dietary supplement. It also has a strong antioxidant effect on the body, helping it to fight free radicals, as well as the natural absorption of such an important element for us – iron.

Vitamin D
It helps us adapt to the sun’s rays. Although you should be careful about excessive amounts of it, vitamin D is very important for skin healing, protecting it from wrinkles and wrinkles. Vitamin D is responsible for the good absorption of calcium and phosphorus and helps to develop bone tissue properly and fully. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune, nervous and skeletal systems.
This vitamin is found in some foods such as mushrooms, egg yolk, fish oil and salmon and mackerel, but the body does not always manage to get it from them. The natural way to generate vitamin D is exposure to the sun in places where the air is really clean.
Despite the fact that vitamin D is one of the most important supplements for humans, doctors recommend that it be taken with caution by people with chronic diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, liver or heart. It should be borne in mind that each country has its own recommendations for vitamin D intake, depending on its climate and the number of sunny days.

AroLife offers two forms of nutritional supplements for Vitamin D, which is so important for the human body, namely Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 10 µg (400 IU) 60 capsules and Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 400 IU, 20 ml.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is necessary for health not only in summer but also throughout the year. It works well for problems related to pigmentation and overall skin condition. This is the vitamin that is involved in the formation of red blood cells in the blood, which carry oxygen to the body. It is also responsible for the division of blood cells and the formation of DNA.
Vitamin B12 regulates the immune system, skin and gastric mucosa. Participates in the construction of nerve fibers and affects the metabolism, regulates the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, protecting the body from anemia. It is especially useful for children, as it is responsible for the growth and development of all organs. Cobalamin affects the psycho-emotional state. Relieves anxiety, irritability. Helps to concentrate and store large flows of information. The richest content of vitamin B12 is in food:
cheese, milk, liver, eggs, red meat.

What are the other key factors besides the regular intake of enough vitamins for healthy skin and vitality during the summer?
They are certainly related to our lifestyle, stress levels, the amount of restful sleep without interruption, which directly affect the feeling of relaxation and condition of the eyes and skin, exercise or the degree of mobility of our body in everyday life, which in each individual is different according to his age and workload.
What we can do to help ourselves to prevent skin damage is at least not to contribute to the many harmful factors such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, stress and excessive sun exposure, by taking care of ourselves in this beloved of us all season.

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