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д-р Сали Рафик Акушер – гинеколог

The opinion of your gynecologist

Menopause is a delicate period of a woman’s life that affects the whole body.Very often women are embarrassed to talk about this period and try to ignore the symptoms without seeking help from a specialist. What is menopause and what causes it?The word menopause comes from ancient Greek and means the final cessation of monthly uterine bleeding. The transition to menopause or perimenopause is associated with profound reproductive and hormonal changes that have an overall impact on the body.The processes occurring in the female body during menopause are caused by the loss of ovarian function and lack of hormonal production.
Д-р Зорина Петрова Фармаколог

The opinion of your Pharmacologist

Menopause is a natural biological process in the development of the female body and is associated with a decrease in the functions of the female genitals, a change in hormonal status and preparation of the body to cease reproductive abilities. This period is associated with endocrine changes (decreased estrogen), mental changes (easy mood swings, prone to depression, insomnia, increased anxiety) and somatic changes (weight gain, palpitations, hot flashes, etc.). The usual period for menopause is about 50 years, but it can occur earlier as a result of medical interventions for another disease. Here, as in any other period in the…